“He restores my soul”  Psalm 23:3.  To restore something is to “return something to a former owner.”  God is our Creator therefore we have always been His.  Whether we choose to walk with Him and follow His teachings is our choice.  Sin is what separates us from God.  Sometimes it can feel we have gone so far down the wrong road that we are too far gone to get back to God.  But the truth is, it only requires one turnaround of true repentance to be restored back into the hands that created us.  Scripture is full of stories of restoration of men and women just like us.  They are purposefully there because God knows the choice He gives us and that ultimately we are sinful people and not one is without need of restoration.  The enemy comes to lie to us and feed us broken promises that ultimately end with everything in our world crashing down.  But the Good News is everything Satan tried to destroy God can restore and rebuild on the solid rock foundation of Jesus Christ.  God can restore the years the enemy has stolen from us and we shall never have to walk in shame because of it (Joel 2:25-26)!


Truth is defined as “God’s view of the matter.”  God is the ultimate Truth and “say so.”  We find Truth in God’s Word.  As our Creator, our Designer, He has given us the manual (the Bible)  for how we best operate.  He has given us boundaries to stay within and His Word tells us what can happen when we step outside those boundaries.  God’s truth is the standard by which everything we do in life, and every decision we make, is measured.  We don’t get to choose what is truth based on our personal feelings or preferences, those are opinions.  When we want actual truth we turn to God’s Word to see what He says because those are the standards we are called to live by.

I believe God’s Word is without error and fully inspired by God written through man.  I believe every Word, for if even one word were to be wrong, the entire Bible would be void. 


It is in our created nature to look for our place in this world.  What is our purpose, why are we here?  Our purpose comes from our identity.  The enemy works hard to confuse our identity, but Scripture makes it clear – we were created on purpose for a purpose (Psalm 138:8), as a son/daughter of the Most High God (Galatians 4:7), created to do good works in Christ Jesus (Ephesians 2:10).  Once we have established and understood our identity that’s when we can begin to understand exactly how God created us and with what gifts to be used for His glory.  Then, once we realize our unique creation and our God-given gifts that is what then leads us to our purpose.  This truth comes back first and foremost to God and His ultimate plan.  We are but a small piece to His grand plan but never-the-less an important piece.  Every piece fits together and is just as important as the next.  Each of us are in our place in God’s eternal timeline for “such a time as this” (Esther 4:14).  There is no doubt about it – God has a great plan and we are each a part of it. 


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